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The Club Bulletin Board...

  The MWV Bicycling Club has incorporated the official Crank The Kanc Bicycle Time Trial Website into this website. Click Here to view the new page.

  Angels & Elves Bicycle Fund: If you haven't already made a contribution, please send your check, made out to MVBCC to:

Mount Washington Valley Bicycling Club
PO Box 12
Intervale, NH 03845-0012

  Spin Classes: It's about that time again to start thinking of staying in bike (butt) shape this off-season and cross training for skiing. Biking is one of the best skiing cross training exercises. Tuesday and Thursday morning spin classes will be held at the Cranmore Fitness Center. The Tuesday class is from 9:30 AM until 11:00 AM and the Thursday class is from 9:00am to 10:30 AM (both 1-1/2 hrs long). Classes will be more like a club ride and less like an exercise spin class. Although you can do whatever intensity you wish. Cranmore is offering to hold the classes for the same cost- still only $7 a class ($5 for Cranmore members) and run from November through March. The total non-member cost is: Tuesdays- 22 classes for $154 and Thursdays- 21 classes for $147.
Please take the time to contact Cranmore at: 603-356-6301 and sign up this week.



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