Regularly Scheduled Club Rides...

Valley Ride and Dine Alt Mondays Barbara Guilino
Just for the Fun of It Tuesday None
Jack's Wednesday Fast-paced ride Wednesday Jack Steffen
Marianne'sThursday Ride Thursday Marianne Borowski
Saturday Classic Rides Saturday Bill Ballou
Trails End Saturday Shorter Spins Saturday None
Spin On Sundays Sunday Lisa Venditti








Specific details for each ride are posted on the: "Club Calendar & Routes/Ride with GPS" page

NOTE: The Tuesday "Just for the Fun of It" and the "Trails End Saturday Shorter Spins" rides are unsupported "you're on your own" suggested rides for those who show up and typically will not have an official Club Ride Leader.

The link for Marianne's Thursday Ride goes directly to her ThursdayBike blog page where she provides the ride details.

For more information, email the Ride Coordinator directly.

General Ride Information...

Club rides are open to all members and guests who are interested in bicycling. Riders under 18 must provide parental consent. All rides will have ride leaders and some rides will have designated ride sweeps. However, club practice is to not leave anyone behind on any ride, so it is incumbent on each rider to select rides best suited to their ability.

Helmets Must Be Worn While Riding

and all riders must be knowledgeable about safe riding practices as detailed HERE


In Inclement Weather...

When the weather is not conducive to enjoyable cycling, rides are considered cancelled without notice. If the ride leader decides to cancel in advance of the day of the ride, a notice will usually be posted on the Club Calendar.


Regularly Scheduled Rides are Coded

To help riders pick rides best suited to their abilities and likes, characteristics for each club ride will be described on the Club Calendar for the specific route of the day:

  • General ride characteristics
  • Road or Fat Tire
  • Mileage
  • Pace (Leisurely / Moderate / Brisk) 
  • Terrain (Generally Flat / Easy Grades / Moderate Grades / Steep Grades) 


Courtesy Recommendations...

Rides will start on schedule so riders should be ready to go at the posted start time. Please bring your bike to the ride start point in good working order and with tires properly inflated. Always carry a spare tube, tire levers, a patch kit, a pump or air cartridge, water, snacks and emergency contact information.

Ride Coordinators & Leaders...

Ride Coordinators & Leaders must be club members. It is their responsibility to know the planned route and to ensure that ride details are posted on the Club Calendar before the scheduled ride date. Ride leaders must also ensure that all riders in their group have signed a Liability Release Form (including guests), so it is incumbent on them to have forms available as may be needed. Click here for additional Ride Coordinator & Leader responsibilities.

Liability Release... 

Anyone is welcome to participate in regularly scheduled club rides. For the protection of the club and the ride leaders, all riders (Club members and non-members) must submit a completed Liability Release Form prior to starting any ride. Anyone who routinely participates in any Club rides (more than two times) is required to become a member of the Club.